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Commercial Insurance

At Evantra Insurance Solutions, we know how hard you’ve worked to build your business. Now, work with our team to help protect it from risks. Just opening the doors to your company each day creates situations where risks can occur. Protecting your assets and minimizing your risks are steps our team can help you to take.

What Type of Commercial Insurance Do You Need?

Investing in commercial insurance can be complicated since each company needs its own set of policies to protect from unique risks. Our team at Evantra Insurance Solutions will work closely with you to help you customize a policy to meet your goals. You may benefit from coverage such as the following:

  • Property protection to minimize risks towards the building you operate in, equipment, inventory, and furnishings
  • Liability insurance to reduce damage or loss you or your employees cause to other people or other property
  • Commercial auto insurance if you operate a vehicle as a component of your business

You may also need additional policies for employees and more comprehensive liability protection depending on your industry and financial goals. We serve companies of most types throughout California.

Why Choose Our Team for Your Insurance Needs?

In California, having commercial insurance is valuable. When you work with our professionals, we can help you to navigate all the policy options, coverage limits, and features to ensure you are purchasing a comprehensive policy that meets your unique needs. That helps to balance risks and costs for you.

Because we operate as a representative for you, we can help you find policies that can fit your business across a broader range of coverage options. Giving you peace of mind is something we focus on providing.

To learn more about commercial insurance in California, call Evantra Insurance Solutions for a free, no-obligation quote. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have regarding your business’s needs.