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Umbrella Insurance

Insurance is a part of life. Rather than hide from this, it’s better to embrace insurance and all it can do. The chances are that you already have a grasp on auto and home insurance policies. If you have a car or a home, they’re essential. Many people don’t know that they have more options than just these basic policies.

When you own things of value, it’s crucial to have personal liability insurance. Some of that can be found in your general policies, but it’s not always enough. An umbrella plan can extend your protection and make sure that an honest accident doesn’t ruin you financially for the rest of your life.

The Necessities of California Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is meant to supplement or amplify personal liability coverage that is usually rolled into auto or homeowners policies. The state of California requires a minimum amount of auto liability in certain plans before you can legally add an umbrella policy. The rules do have exceptions, but in general, the auto policy needs $250,000 of injury coverage per person and $500,000 of personal injury coverage per accident. You also need $100,000 of property damage protection. Once these minimums are met, you can look into adding umbrella coverage.

A home does not have a minimum amount of insurance required by law, but you do need a policy in place before you can purchase umbrella coverage to extend your liability. An accident that may go beyond your standard liability limits can be handled with an umbrella policy.

Getting Umbrella Coverage

As long as your existing policies meet the state requirements, you can improve on them. In some cases, a more robust auto or homeowners policy is the first step, but when liability is the primary issue, an umbrella plan can bridge all of the gaps. A quick conversation with your Evantra Insurance Solutions representative can help you explore all of your coverage options and make sure you’re adequately protected. You can call today, and we’ll help you find a quote.